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  • Super easy to personalise
  • Ultra-strong materials
  • All photo edits done for you
  • Easy to wall hang
  • Unique football surprise
  • Incredible print quality
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Standard Guarantee
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Here's why CardsPlug is the #1 place to get your own customised life-sized football card

  • All photo edits done for you
  • Vivid colors
  • Safe wall magnet mounting
  • All photo edits done for you
  • Vivid colors
  • Safe wall magnet mounting

Why choose cardsplug

High quality finishing

Easy wall hanging

Unbreakable quality

Fast worldwide shipping

Money back guarantee

Frequently asked questions

What is CardsPlug?

CardsPlug started its journey 5 years ago creating personalised soccer cards similar to what you see in FIFA 23. Since then we have served over 258,000 customers and received 6,000+ positive reviews on Trustpilot.

American football becomes our second sport to be added to our collection of amazing products. With many designs to choose from and some inspired by Madden cards seen in games like Madden 23 and Madden 22.

How do I customize my life-size football card?

Making a personalised football card is easy with CardsPlug. All you have to do is choose a card design and size. Before following the simple steps in our online card builder.

When it comes to personalising your card, the basic steps are to upload a photo and add a name to your card. Then you’ll add details like your player’s position and skill ratings out of 99 for each football skill shown on the card if you've selected the detailed card. Our online card builder makes this really easy. And if you aren’t a football card expert, don’t worry!

If you are not sure about anything our friendly support team are always here to answer your questions. The support team can be reached at support@cardsplug.com

What are the cards made of?

Our football card builder lets you choose between two different card materials. Our Standard cards are made of a ultra-strong variety of Foamex (not cardboard or foam!). This material has a lovely gloss finish and is also super durable. Our world-exclusive Metal football cards have a matte finish and are slightly heavier. Both look amazing and will last forever.

Can I view my order before it is sent?

Yes! After we’ve edited and designed your football card, our design team will send you a full preview of your football cards before we print them. This gives you the chance to spot any urgent errors. It also lets you show off the preview to your family and friends!

Will CardsPlug edit my photo for me?

Yes! Our football card designers will remove the background from the photo you upload so it looks just like the football cards you might’ve seen games like Madden 23. We’ll also position the photo perfectly on the football card so it looks great. If there are any problems with the quality of your photo, we’ll reach out and let you know.

What is Gold Standard Guarantee?

Every CardsPlug card is backed by our Money Back Guarantee.

If you aren't 100% happy with the design, print, or quality of your card, we will replace it free of charge.

We will also replace your card if it gets damaged in transit. Or if your dog finds your card before you do!

What's more, we will fast-track your replacement and use the quickest shipping method available.

We can make this guarantee because we design and print every card in-house. We have invested heavily in the experts and technology needed to make every card amazing. But if you aren't fully satisfied, we will make it right!
Alex T
Read this!

If you're not sure that this is a nice gift, or have had bad experiences with this type of gifting, hear me out: I've used CardsPlug on several occasions, for different age groups, always very welcomed gifts, and communication from the team is second to none, and on the latest purchase their...

Nic McMillan

I came across Cardsplug as an advert on Facebook. My boys (16 and 6) are massive Madfut fans and I play it too! It helps me learn the players names! So when they had a promotion for their recent birthday, I took the plunge and ordered one for each of my boys! My eldest is aware that I have one for...

More than what I could imagine!

This was definitely a great surprise. I got this sent to my work so that my partner wouldnt see it.. and when I finally had the chance to give it to him.. He laughed out so loud that we were both on the floor crying We later talked about how I got his statistics and I told him thats why I asked...

Pieri Sotiri
Really great product… your kid will love it

Always a bit sceptical about ordering things that I see advertised on Facebook or Instagram which is why I ordered the smallest card available but I now wish I'd ordered a bigger one.I uploaded my son's photo when ordering the card and I got an email with a preview after a few days. I was really...

Mark Jones
Great product and amazing customer service.

These are great and with outstanding customer service its a no brainer if you have a football mad kid like I do.So firstly the design process is pretty easy. You get to pick all the stats and even upload your own team logo. Then the Cardplugs team work their magic and make it look awesome. You get...