CardsPlug Announces New Cards For American Football and Rugby

26.April 2022 by David Pajda

CardsPlug Announces 2 Brand New Sports

Attention please, this is not a drill!

From summer 2022, CardsPlug's world famous personalised sports cards will be available to fans of American Football and Rugby. 

Yes, that’s right. We’ll soon unveil two brand new card collections for two new sports. Complete with new team logos, player positions, and skill ratings!

A Sneak Peak At Our New Designs

Every sport has its own unique fan culture. So we knew that “copy and pasting” our approach to football cards just wouldn’t be right. 

Instead, we’ve taken time to learn the traditions and cultural icons of each new sport. Which means you’ll be able to choose from a stunning range of designs that actually mean something.

Take our first ever range of American Football cards, for example. These brand new card designs are inspired by iconic trading card designs from years gone by. As well as modern day classics from the sport’s gaming culture.

Here’s a sneak peak of one design and the inspiration behind it:

As you can see, our First Pick card design for American Football (right) is inspired by a famous #1 Draft Pick trading card design previously seen in major league baseball (left). 

Even better, this is just one of 20+ bespoke designs across the two new sports. To make sure you’re the first to see the new collections when they launches, be sure to join our launch list below!

A Card Building Experience Like No Other

Our slick online card building experience has been a huge hit with over 250,000 happy football fans worldwide. And soon, Rugby and American Football fan will be able to build an amazing personalised card with it too!

This means you’ll be able to design a stunning real-life card with your choice of name, photo, team, position, and skill ratings. All in a few easy clicks and with 100% control over how your personalised sports card will look.


Once you place your order, our design and print experts will transform your design into an incredible real life version. Perfect for surprising a fan, inspiring your team, or giving your gaming a completely unique vibe.

We can’t wait to launch these new designs for you, and the moment is fast approaching. If you’d like to be one of the first to make a card for your sport, please join our launch list and we’ll email you when they drop. It’s going to be awesome!