EA Sports FC 24 Introduces Crossplay for Pro Clubs Mode

14.July 2023 by David Pajda

Exciting news for football gaming enthusiasts! Electronic Arts (EA) has recently announced some significant updates for the highly anticipated EA Sports FC 24. One of the most thrilling features revealed is the introduction of crossplay and cross-platform multiplayer for the beloved Pro Clubs mode. This blog post will delve into the details of the crossplay functionality in EA Sports FC 24 and its impact on the gaming experience.

Crossplay in EA Sports FC 24:
EA Sports FC 24, serving as FIFA's latest installment, is set to maintain all the beloved modes while incorporating official licensing and player likenesses . The inclusion of cross-platform multiplayer and crossplay across PlayStation, PC, and Xbox platforms has been confirmed by Electronic Arts . This feature has been highly anticipated, especially considering the crossplay implementation in FIFA 23 . However, it is important to note that Nintendo Switch will not support crossplay .

Supported Modes for Crossplay:
The crossplay functionality in EA Sports FC 24 extends to several game modes, enhancing the overall multiplayer experience . The following modes will support cross-platform play:

  • Clubs
  • Co-Op Season
  • VOLTA FOOTBALL™ (Arcade, Squads)
  • Ultimate Team™ Co-Op (Squad Battles, Rivals, Friendlies)
  • Ultimate Team (Rivals, Champions, Online Draft, Online Friendlies, Play a Friend)
  • Online Friendlies
  • Online Seasons


Opting Out of Crossplay:
Players will have the option to opt out of crossplay if they prefer to play exclusively with others on the same platform. However, it's worth noting that Pro Clubs leaderboards will always display all clubs, regardless of their cross-platform status .

Release Date and Editions:
EA Sports FC 24 is scheduled for release on September 29th, with early access available from September 22nd . The game will be available across different editions, including an Ultimate edition that can be obtained for free on PC . There are also rumors of a free beta in the first week of August for selected platforms .

The introduction of crossplay and cross-platform multiplayer in EA Sports FC 24's Pro Clubs mode marks a significant milestone for the FIFA franchise. Players will be able to enjoy a more connected gaming experience, competing against friends and random players across different gaming consoles. The support for crossplay in various modes enhances the multiplayer options and promotes a more inclusive and diverse community of players. Get ready to experience the thrill of EA Sports FC 24 and join the excitement this September!